Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Latest Silk Sarees

Rytechoice presents its exhaustive range of Silk sarees, which are lightweight, trendy and make a definite fashion statement. Far away from the older generation of silk sarees, these sarees come in a wide array of colors, borders and designs form stunning floral patterns, geometrical designs and animal prints. There is something for everyone in this collection and suits everybody's budget.

Hand crafted and hand woven silk sarees from our master weavers, with a touch of class, elegance and richness that make these creations a cut above the rest. Rytechoice wide range of Silk sarees retains the traditional brilliance of weaving methods while combining stunning designs and patters in a wide array of colours to suit the tastes and trends of the modern Indian woman. 

Rytechoice have latest collection of silk sarees, that combine the sheen of silk with the comfort of pure embroidery sarees  available in classic designs, elegant colour combinations and  jari work that gives a contemporary look. The cotton base makes these  sarees extremely comfortable and breathable making them a sensible choice for the summer season.

The highlight of the Silk sarees collection is the elaborate and intricate sequins work available in a variety of materials ranging from chiffon, lazer, net and shimmer in stunning and seductive colour combinations. The sarees are complimented with designer blouse pieces that are attached. 

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